Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Messy Life

Lately, I was really tired. My life a bit messy since I become a Director of Career Talk program. I can say this  program might be one of a big event in my faculty and since I’ve been announced as a director, of course it would effect my life too. This program is a tragedy (I must say it) haha but I take it as a challenge . it will be held on 25 April (maigad, it’s near  I almost fainted thinking of it). I hope everything gonna be fine. Leadership is my passion but when it come to the big event like this I must be wrong about my passion haha. Whatever it is,all of these things must give me something in return. I mean, I would get a lots of experiences for sure . do pray for me people. I hope nothing but at least let this program successfully done ! aminn